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Angara Oil

Angara Oil produces petroleum products from Russian oil and gas. We are committed to producing the best quality of petroleum products possible while maintaining the highest environmental and safety standards. More than 17,000 people in the Angara Oil Heights area,a respected corporate citizen.


Angara Oil has a proud history of exploration success in Russia Federation. Over the past eight decades we have made numerous oil and natural gas discoveries in Western Russia.

Retail & Commercial

We Operating a major fuel refining and marketing business based in Russian Federation, Angara Oil is one of the province’s economic leaders, employing more than 400 people. .

Oil Sands

Oil sands contain a mixture of sand, water, clay and bitumen, an extra-heavy oil that is too thick to be pumped without first being diluted or heated. In Russia, Angara Oil is using its vast resources of technology and expertise to help bring this energy source to market..


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30 years' experience manufacturing finished lubricants with premium base oils to deliver excellent, reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions.

Our Strategic Plan translates our vision into action. It aligns and integrates our organization, inspires confidence, and differentiates us from others.

Enabling Strategies
  • Invest in People to achieve our strategies
  • Leverage Technology to deliver superior performance and growth
  • Build Organizational Capability to deliver world-class performance
  • operational excellence, cost management, capital stewardship

Our Mission, Values and Strategy

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Protecting people and the environment is one of our core values that helps us achieve results, the right way.

We also have more detailed plans, tactics and metrics to guide us to success in each of the specific business areas where we choose to compete. These detailed plans are continually tested and refreshed to achieve sustained competitive performance.

We believe that preserving a clean, safe, healthy environment can go hand in hand with meeting the world's energy needs. We are continually evaluating and striving to improve our processes to reduce pollution and waste, conserve energy and natural resources, and reduce the potential for environmental impacts of our activities and operations.