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We Value Your Request

At Angara Oil, we believe good communication is the key to building good relationships. We value your feedback and welcome your questions or concerns about our operations. We can be reached through the following toll-free numbers, or by contacting any of our sales email below.

For general application questions

Please note that inquiries related to other international operations can be directed to the Corporate Head Office, and your inquiry will be redirected as appropriate.

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Mailing Addresses

Limited Liability Company ‘’Angara oil’’
ИНН: 2466083119 КПП: 384901001 ОГРН: 1032402943462

664007, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Prospekt Bolshoy Liteyny Avenue., House 3
тел.: +79164145117
Hours: Monday - Friday from 9 00 to 18 00

Contact Director of sales and export:
Mr.Denisov Yuri Alekseevich
Tel: +79164145117
Fax: +79164145117